About Us

I think this video explains more about me than I can really explain in text, but if this doesn’t explain it, then I also tried to explain what I’m trying to do below…

Hi, I’m Jerry and I LOVE learning and helping people.

When I was a child, I was really bright (or so they said), but I wasn’t very interested in most of the material I was being exposed to, and I had a really low self esteem because of my inability to conform.

Later on in life, I was having a LOT of problems, and there didn’t seem to be much hope for a better future.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder as an adult and I ended up ruining my career and relationships…

The Doctors really didn’t seem to have many answers to my problems, they were basically just handing me random drugs that made life more difficult.

That’s when I met the love of my life, and her son, who just so happens to have the exact same personality and quirks as I do.

After getting to know him for a while, I started noticing that the same thing that happened to me as a kid was happening to him.

He’s a sweet little boy, but society seems to expect him to be something it doesn’t seem like he can be.

Instead of thinking we’re broken, I think people like us are more like super-humans, IF we are utilized the correct way, and other people seem to agree

I just found out I’m going to have the first child of my own, and the way I view the world has changed.

These days, I notice that a lot of elements of our society could use some work, and without getting too much more depressing, I’d like to do something about it.

This may sound unrelated, but I have a huge passion for affiliate marketing, and business in general, and I’d like to begin using affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship to create opportunities for positive change, not only in the education system, but in the financial, and political systems as well.

The AffiliateOp Mission

The goal of AffiliateOp is to create an environment where people have the opportunity they need to succeed.

Life is hard, even for people without the deck stacked against them, and there has to be a better way.

Society is failing people with mental illness, it’s failing our children, it’s stretching the lower and middle classes to their limits, and now is the time for that to change.

There needs to be a better way to educate our children with learning “disabilities”, integrate workers into the workplace in a more productive way, and allow people the opportunity to escape lives of poverty.

Companies need to start paying their taxes, and being ethical. We don’t even need to cut corners anymore.

Governments need to do their job, not collect a paycheck and watch people suffer, when something can be done.

People with influence need to be pressured to do their part to help out, and people in general need to treat each other better.

My belief is that if we can all work together to improve the systems we have, and replace the non-functional, or even destructive parts of our current systems, we can change things drastically, and in a fairly short time period.

My step-son reminded me of all the struggles I had growing up, and of all the things I wanted to change, back before I got numb to it all as an adult.

I can’t allow the world to stay the same, not that it’s that bad, but people are hungry for opportunity, and there’s just too many obstacles these days.

How Will We Change the World?

I’m sure all of that sounded really fun and fantastic, but the trillion dollar question is: How?

Over time, the approach will change, but in general, the process should look something like this:

1.) Start a business incubator that helps troubled teens and struggling adults start their own SUCCESSFUL businesses, in exchange for a small portion of equity from successful businesses.

2.) Use said equity to provide project sustainability, and to lay the foundation for the implementation of a Universal Basic Income.

3.) Create pressure on the education, financial, and political system.

4.) Help eradicate poverty.

I know, it sounds kind of crazy, right?

This isn’t a call to shut down schools and revolt… The world is in a pretty good place, in my opinion, but it still needs some work…

We aren’t trying to start a revolution or anything, I just want things to improve for everyone, and I know how to make it happen. Or at least how to start the process.

It will take a lot of time and effort to make any kind of change in systems as vast our current ones, so please be patient!

Thanks for reading this, and if you want to help out, then please just take a look around our website, or if you want to do more then you couldĀ support us on Patreon.

Have a wonderful day, and stay tuned for a better future.

P.S. If you’d like to see what I have going on and get to know me a little better, here’s my Youtube channel and a video about some of my projects I’m currently working on!