I’m not a great artist, nor am I very involved with that scene, but I’ve always been in love with the ways people express themselves.

I always thought you had to be born talented to be decent at certain things, art being one of them, but the older I get the more I realize that practice makes perfect!

I have recently began playing around with some hobbies I had always wanted to try, one of them being drawing with just pen, and I’m hooked!

I’ve been drawing mountains every day to try to get good at drawing nature landscapes, because nature drawings, particularly mountains, are just so beautiful to me.

For now you’re going to have to get by with just my art, but as time goes on I’ll hopefully be able to get some real artists involved and possibly show off their work!

Here’s a few pen and ink drawings I’ve done so far:

If you like my drawings, or if you’re interested in pen and ink art, I started a facebook group that anyone can join and post their art!

Join Drawing With Pens if you’re interested.! Thanks.

Art Supplies

I’ve been getting my art supplies at Ross because you can pick up some really great deals if you don’t need a specific thing.

If you need a certain type of pen, or something like that, then Ross isn’t going to be reliable, but you can pick up really nice sketch books like this one for $5.99 (These usually cost about $15)

They also have paint sets, colored pencils, canvases, etc…

I even picked up a set of Royal Langnickel Colored Pencils for $14.99, which is cheaper than Amazon….

Although, now that I think about it, I don’t really know how to use color and I want to draw my mountains in just pen and ink (I explain why below)

I’m planning on attempting to learn how to draw some other stuff for a project of mine, so maybe I can figure out a use for them.

If not, I’ll just donate them to someone who can put them to good use!

Learning How To Draw

I haven’t had a chance to really dig deep into the world of art literature yet, but I have come across a really great pen and ink artist, named Alphonso Dunn, who has a bunch of really good Youtube videos, and has a few books about pen and ink drawing that are decent too.

You should check him out if you’re trying to level-up your drawing game!

Now that I think about it, I’m not even certain if Alphonso Dunn is just a pen and ink artist, I’d imagine with his skill level he can draw with all kinds of things, but I’m mainly interested in his pen and ink work.

Why I Only Use A Pen And Paper

Art can be anything we want it to be.

There are some people who make wonderful digital paintings that look SO beautiful and realistic. No-one can deny how impressive it is.

Then there’s people who splash some paint on a wall in a completely whimsical way, and that’s beautiful in it’s own regard.

No-one gets to tell them how to do their art, and I LOVE that.

So where does that leave me?

I don’t want to dedicate my life to learning how to make statues, pottery, or lifelike paintings.

That might be a perfect representation of someone else’s being, but I’m me… I am simple… and beautiful…

It took me a long time to grow but I’m immovable and strong… like a mountain.

I grew up in the mountains of Jamul, CA and I LOVE how beautiful and majestic they are… there’s just something that inspires awe about them and makes me feel peaceful in my heart.

So none of that REALLY explains why I choose to use just a pen and paper to draw mountains…

Couldn’t I do it so much better if I had a full assortment of paints, colored pencils, special pens, and even fancy toned paper?!

No… because that’s not me… I’m simple, and using just a pen means more to me than you can imagine.

I’ve always felt like everyone else had all these amazing and fancy tools, and I was just a black pen, but everyone wanted me to create a masterpiece, but they didn’t want to give me the tools to do it.

Having a visual representation that “all I need is a pen and I can create beauty and change in the world” is helping me to keep faith in the other areas of my life which are significantly harder than drawing a mountain with a pen.

That’s what my “art” means to me and I don’t really care if it means the same thing to anyone else.

I hope that explaining this to people will help the understand that they don’t need to be the best, or even have the right tools… all they need to do is care… and work hard.

My intention isn’t, and never was, to become an “artist”. I just wanted a way to cope, and a way to make the world a more beautiful place than it already is.

Since I’ve never had any intention of becoming an artist, and since these “pieces” mean the world to me, I’ve decided to place a price tag of $1,000,000 on each original drawing.


And that’s totally true… until it isn’t.

They don’t need to sell… I don’t want to sell them BUT…

In this world we live in today, money is a huge driver of change.

People would do almost anything for money and the best way to influence things is with money.

Trust me, I hate that concept more than anyone, BUT hating it doesn’t change anything.

So why on earth would anyone ever buy a low quality sketch of a mountain from some random guy who doesn’t even want to be an artist?

What I plan to do with the money is a good place to start.

Plans For My Art, Business, And The World

First of all, since money is only a tool to me that will allow me to impact people’s lives, I’m pledging to donate 90% of all sales (after taxes are paid) to a random grocery store worker.

My Mom and Girlfriend are both grocery store workers, and they don’t get treated well.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to give them the money as some kind of sick loophole to get all the money for myself. That doesn’t help anyone but me… I’ll be fine because I understand what it takes to become a success and am already going through the motions… stealing a few hundred thousand dollars and having everyone stop supporting my cause simply CAN’T WORK.

Essential workers work hard to make sure we have all the stupid snacks and food that we NEED to stay alive… yet we pay them near minimum wage, and refuse to hire them full-time to avoid giving them benefits…

We aren’t treating them like they’re “essential”. Not one bit, but that’s okay… I can change that a LITTLE if I try hard enough…

So where does the rest of the money go? No-one likes contributing to causes that are iffy about the financials, right?

After taxes are paid, and 90% of the remaining money get’s given to a random grocery store worker, 10% will be considered profit for my business. 


The thing is, my business wasn’t created to make money for me. I plan to have REALLY nice things and live a wonderful life, and I’m not ashamed of that, BUT that doesn’t mean I get to sell a sketch for $1,000,000 donate some of it, then just go party… If I wanted to party I wouldn’t be sitting here working 14-20 hours a day, I’d be partying already.

My business is designed to enable people who are struggling to create a better life for themselves, just like I am.

I want to give people who are struggling EVERYTHING they need to get ahead.

If they can’t start their own thing because their rent? I can buy a house and let them live there for free until they make it. Maybe I’ll eventually have a really nice mansion and they can come live with me there and we will build something worthwhile, rather than just building someone else’s self-serving dreams…

I already set aside 20% of my business income, EVEN WHILE LIVING IN A SHED, to go towards a Universal Basic Income fund, because I don’t care about money. The only reason I need to charge anything at all is because the world runs off of the stuff.

THAT’S why people should buy my sketches for $1,000,000… It’s about the best value you’ll find.

With a $1,000,000 price tag, all I will have to do is sell 1 drawing to make a major difference in someone’s life.

I’d rather not sell 1 million mountain sketches for $1 each… 

Just the supplies and logistics alone would make that impossible.

Maybe selling 100,000 pieces of art for $10 each is more doable… except I’d have to figure out how to draw and sell 100,000 mountain sketches… and the same problem applies.

Too much money would be going out. And not enough of it would be going to people that need it.

So why is $1,000,000 the price? If we’re living in a fantasy world where random people can just sell a mountain sketch that took less than an hour to draw for $1,000,000, then why not $100,000,000 or a billion?

I have a few reasons for that.

First of all, there’s just something magical about $1,000,000.

People idolize millionaires without even considering that a million dollars isn’t a lot of money… it just SEEMS like a lot of money.

Secondly, I can see some absurdly rich person actually being willing to buy a mountain sketch for $1,000,000.

Whether it’s just to flex their wealth, OR because they want to support my cause, either way… I can see it being possible someday.

Third, I have a complete monopoly.

The only person who will ever receive one of these drawings without paying the $1,000,000 is my mother and only because she is VERY special.

I am giving her ONE.

BUT I haven’t sent it to her yet, so right now I still control 100% of the supply.

I will not make “prints” and sell them for $5 in Walmart… that isn’t what I’m about.

I will continue to draw these pictures until someone feels that it’s worth it for them to pay $1,000,000 for them, plain and simple, because I’M simple, like a mountain.