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sign up and referrals

There are many ways to make money online, but combining content marketing and sign-up or referral bonuses is our favorite way to make money.

If you don’t know what content marketing is, content marketing is simply publishing online content for a targeted audience.

It’s a pretty straightforward concept on the surface, but there are many ways to perform content marketing. Today I am going to talk to you about Referral Marketing, which is a really amazing tool to generate passive income with on the internet.

Here’s a screenshot of the earnings from promoting 1 app:

blog income

That amount was earned within a single month…

For promoting a free app…

Think about how crazy that is.

Referral marketing is no joke, and it’s not a scam, so don’t let people convince you otherwise.

Referral marketing is the marketing practice where marketers get paid to refer other users to sign up for some sort of service. Typically this is done through word-of-mouth, but many digital marketers use referral marketing as one way to generate income.

If you are creating online content, you can direct people to your referral links and get paid when they sign up. It’s a really straightforward kind of arrangement, and if you have enough traffic, you can make a really solid amount of money from it.

Here is a list of apps/sites I have researched and have personally tried that have sign-up bonuses and/or referral bonuses, but keep in mind:

Most of the high-paying offers are locked behind some restrictions but not all of them, and you can use the money from previous sign up bonuses to get better bonuses or to complete paying offers on the survey sites. Overall, you aren’t going to get super rich or get out of poverty with this money, but sign up bonuses and referrals can get you a decent amount of extra cash.

Survey Sites

Survey sites aren’t very profitable by themselves. If you sit around doing surveys all day you’ll barely make any money. Making money on survey apps is usually more about completing free offers in the app and referring other people.

The products listed later are more useful in nature.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, I started this website from the money I made doing offers on these apps. So if you’re smart, you can make things happen

swagbucks referrals

Swagbucks is an app that pays you to do surveys or complete simple tasks like watching videos or shopping online. Swagbucks gives new users between 300-500 SB ($3-$5 USD worth of SB) if you earn 300 SB within 30 days. They will pay you in gift cards or paypal when you choose to cash out.  

You must have a $3 minimum balance to get a gift card.

One cool thing about Swagbucks is, if you make it your default search engine, they will pay you between 4 SB and 24 SB randomly upon completing a search! This isn’t going to get you rich, but it can add up.

Just like most other similar apps, swagbucks rewards users for referring new people, offering SB AND a small precentage of the person’s earnings.

Most of the money I’ve made from Swagbucks was from signing up for services that I was thinking about trying anyway, which 

inboxdollars referrals

Inbox Dollars is a Survey / offer site that has been around a long time. Inbox Dollars gives you money for doing surveys, and completing bonus offers. There is a $30 minimum balance for withdrawal which can take a while to get to, but it’s still doable.

cointiply referrals

Cointiply is another survey/ offer site, similar to Swagbucks and Inbox dollars where you can perform various tasks and receive points which you can cash out. 

Cointiply gives you free points that can be redeemed for cryptocurrency when you spin their faucet wheel. You can also get bitcoin for referring new users. 

There is a ~$35 minimum balance before you can withdraw, so that’s a little inconvenient. They even have a blog showing you how to get more bitcoin with their site.

Investing Apps

This is just a brief description of these investing apps. If you want more in-depth reviews about any of these apps, make sure you check out our other site for investing app reviews and comparisons.

Investing apps usually pay out a solid amount of money for referrals, but they also require a bit more personal information, or sometimes they’ll require an initial deposit, which can be a little annoying, BUT it still works out.

robinhood referrals

Robinhood is a free investing app that has been going viral recently with millennial investors and options traders.

Robinhood has no monthly fees, commissions, or charges. Robinhood will give you 1 share of a random stock worth $2.50-$200 USD just for signing up. Referring friends will get you another share of stock just for them signing up.

This bonus isn’t very big, but it’s reliable and it’s very easy to get people to sign up for Robinhood

webull referrals

Webull is a free investing app with no monthly fees, commissions, or minimum balance. Webull changes their sign-up bonus and referral program a lot, but currently, they’ll give you 1 free share of a stock for joining, and 2 more if you deposit $100 into your account within 30 days.

These shares are typically worth around $5 each but can be worth a LOT, IF you’re lucky.

You’ll also get more shares for referring friends. Webull is really generous with their referrals and some people are making a lot of money online with Webull.

Stash is an investing app, but not a free one. It charges you a $1 USD per month fee. Stash will give you $20 when you sign up and invest $5. Referring qualified friends can get you $20.

Acorns is an investing app that makes investing as passive as it can possibly be. Acorns charges a small monthly fee, but it isn’t a ridiculous amount, it only costs me $1 per month, which can easily be made up for by referrals.

Acorns will give you $5 when you sign up and deposit $5. You can also refer friends for more money, you both will get $5 when your friends sign up and invest $5.

m1 finance referrals

M1 Finance is another free investing app. No monthly charges or fees. Gives you $10 USD if you sign up and deposit $100. You can refer your friends for $10 when they deposit $100 too, which is a pretty large referral bonus for such a small deposit requirement.

Cash App is an Investing and money transfer service. You’ll get $5 when you send money to someone within 14 days of signing up. Referring friends can earn you $15 if they send money with Cash App within 14 days of signing up.

public referral

Public is an investing app that rewards you with a few dollars worth of a stock when you sign up as a new user. We got $7 worth of Microsoft for joining. 

Referring friends gets you more money of course. This may be mobile only though.

Cash Back Apps

These are apps that will pay users cashback for shopping online or scanning receipts.

Having to spend money to make money makes these kinds of apps a little less attractive to people without disposable income, but some of them give out some decent rewards for referring new users.

Here are some of the better ones we have tried:

rakuten referrals

Rakuten is a cash back app that will automatically find you cashback deals and send you the money through paypal or mail. Rakuten will give you $10 USD if you spend $25 USD online in a qualifying store for being a new member. Referring friends can get you $25 if they spend $25 online.

Interest in crypto has been steadily increasing for years now, so it makes sense that a lot of companies are giving some of it out to users.

While you aren’t going to get instantly rich off of the small fractions of Bitcoin they’re giving away, it’s still nice to get free crypto, so here are some apps that are willing to share theirs with users…

coinbase referrals

Coinbase is a Crypto tading app. Get $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase! You can also earn crypto by learning about crypto. Referring friends will get you $10 in bitcoin when they spend $100.

Etoro is a free cryptocurrency investing app. Etoro will pay you $50 and me $50 if you sign up and deposit $50 into your Etoro account within 30 days. You don’t have to invest in crypto to get the money, you just have to deposit the money for a little while (7 days) and then pull it back out to receive your bonus $50.

New crypto network. Get crypto every day for turning on the app and hitting a button, and get more crypto for referring friends. This crypto isn’t worth anything currently, but might be someday. Use the code Bloopkin at sign up to earn more Pi.

Initiative Q is a new crypto network that’s trying to gete started. New users get crypto for signing up, and they get more crypto for referring people. This crypto isn’t worth anything yet, but hopefully will be someday, but who knows…

Banking And Credit Cards

Varo is a free online banking app that will give you $75 when you sign up and receive a direct deposit of $200 or more within the first 45 days after opening your account.

aspiration referral

Aspiration is a free online banking service that encourages users to be socially responsible. If you sign up, fund your account with at least $10, and use your new Aspiration debit card to spend $250 within 60 days, you’ll receive $50 deposited into your account and another $25 in credits that you can send to a charity of your choice!

I really like Aspiration because of their focus on making a difference, and I look forward to getting them more users.

step squad referrals

The Step app is a banking app, similar to Cash App, where parents can easily create “sponsored” accounts for their teens, which helps them have access to their own debit card, and helps them build credit.

Step rewards new users with $3 when they sign up, and $3 when they refer new users, which can be increased to $6 per referral once some criteria are met.

How To Get More Referrals

There are many ways to get people to sign up for services and to sell them things, but we’re only going to go over a couple today.

The best way to get people to sign up with your links so you can get those affiliate rewards is to start making your own content and posting it on your own website and all over social media.

If you want to read about how to make your first website, you can learn about it here. This article will walk you through making your first WordPress website step-by-step.

If you really don’t want to make your own website/blog to post these links on, you can always write up an article and post it on, post it in Facebook groups, or post it in reddit communities… Even Quora wold be a great place to get readers if you’re consistently posting.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to figure any of that out, read this article we wrote about how we started this blog with practically nothing.

Or we wrote a huge guide about affiliate marketing that you can read about if you need a little extra help getting going.

Keep In Mind

Some of these sites have restrictions that can change at any time. Make sure you check before signing up for them to see if their terms are agreeable for you. We have no control over their restrictions and we are simply offering you a list of sites that offer bonuses.

We do not guarantee the payment of any listed bonuses because we have no control over other companies. All of these sites have been tested by us and appear to function properly but we will not be held liable if they do not function as expected.

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