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I had been struggling with my blog for months. Putting in 16 hour days EVERY day.

I was getting a little traffic, capping out at about 50 people a day, which dropped down to about 5-10 people a day.

My friends and family were criticizing me, telling me to get a real job, all that wonderful stuff you like to hear when you’re trying harder than any of them ever have.

BUT then I started promoting a random app I saw people talking about in a Facebook group.

My traffic started blowing up and I actually started to earn some money consistently.

I didn’t just magically shoot to 5,000 viewers a day, or start making $190,000 a month like half of the people on Youtube and Google claim as they’re prepping you to buy their overpriced course, I don’t even have a course to sell.

BUT what I do want out of you is more blog traffic, and a new reader, because I get paid to produce traffic. There’s no sense hiding the fact that I have an agenda, you all know I want SOMETHING out of it, right?

Anyway, instead of immediately giving you a bunch of affiliate links and trying to trick you into thinking you’re going to magically become successful by watching videos on your phone, let me show you some facts and then you can decide for yourself if you want to try any of this, or continue reading my content and supporting my blog…

blog traffic

For the week leading up to my first post about Zynn my traffic was pretty stagnant at about 5-10 visitors per day.

It had been a little higher last month, but all of that traffic was coming from an investing app review I had written a while back, which didn’t even fit with the theme of my blog.

Google was thinking my blog was an investing app website so I made the hard decision to move the investing app review articles on this site to their own niche site where they could be taken more serious.

This severely crippled my blog’s traffic and I was about to just close it down, but I was scrolling through a Facebook group and noticed a new app being promoted by the people who spam Facebook for referrals all day.

I had kept hearing people say things like “things will be hard until you get it, then a switch flips and you’ll understand what to do.”

I kept trying to believe that, but I just didn’t really believe it. I was thinking “I already know what to do, just work hard and build up my skills, and be patient, right?”

That’s just part of it. YES you need to do those things, BUT there’s a little more to it than that.

You have to start understanding this weird little game that everyone is playing, and all that game involves is trying things other people aren’t doing yet until you find something that works.

Once you find something that works, you just do it for a while and capitalize on it, and keep your eyes open for the next thing that works.

It’s really that simple.

The thing that worked for me, was the Zynn app, but they don’t have a referral program anymore, so that income stream has dried up, but there are more where that came from!

What Made It Click For Me

The thing that worked for me, was the Zynn app, but they don’t have a referral program anymore, so that income stream has dried up, but there are always more products to promote.

When I found the Zynn app I had been struggling to get articles to rank well for a while and I was reading a lot of articles that were saying not to expect traffic from your work for months.

I had seen the slow growth and ranking process in action for a while, and all the data seemed to be confirming what I had read.

So I was starting to just accept that this is going to be a slow grind and that I have to be patient.

I honestly didn’t even expect to find something that would speed things up, or if I did I figured I would have to pay a bunch of money for it.

Honestly, I was wrong.

I released my Zynn app review on May 18th, 2020 and 2 days later it was ranked #1 for a keyword or two and traffic started flooding in to my blog.

Over the next couple days I started getting referrals on the app itself, which honestly…. if you’ve been blogging for a bit you probably understand how horrible it feels to try so hard and get zero dollars out of it… so it felt amazing to wake up one day and find that I had actually made a few bucks.

So I immediately started writing a few more app reviews for some other apps, hoping that another one would just take off.

I had found another product getting promoted in Facebook groups, named Rumble, which is basically a mix between Youtube and the Zynn app. Rumble supposedly pays people to watch and create videos so I figured “Wow this is going to blow up too!!!” (hint: it didn’t)

rumble videos

I quickly tried it out and wrote a Rumble review to try to get people interested, but nothing happened.

Then it hit me.

When I was using Rumble, I was thinking “I don’t really like this all that much. It’s an OK idea and I don’t exactly hate it, but I don’t know.”

But when I thought back to the first time I tried Zynn, I had actually enjoyed using it.

It had the distracting entertaining videos, it gave me the dopamine hits and excitement when the meter filled and I got rewarded with some money for using it.

The app itself just felt good, even though it had a few problems with the payment system at the beginning, but even then the developer immediately released a statement apologizing and promising to fix it.

I was shocked when they fixed it quickly… I’m so used to getting lied to by companies that it makes it hard to believe any of them.

But the Zynn devs pulled through and made things happen, creating a fan in the process (me).

What I Realized About Blogging

What I didn’t understand before I found the Zynn app, was that the internet has the capability of making something go viral in a very short amount of time.

All you really have to do is pay attention and ride the wave.

I had always been pretty reserved and it seems like I had always been a little late to catch on to a lot of the other apps or products.

But this time it was different. I took a chance, got in early, and got amazing results.

I had hundreds of people signing up for an app, per night…

Did it make me rich? No… Will it last forever? No… But that’s okay because now I understand what I need to do, except the next time I’m going to do it even better.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep looking for other apps, keep promoting the apps I already know about, and keep hoping this momentum keeps moving me closer to my goals.

What If I don’t Have A Blog?

I LITERALLY started this blog with money I earned on a survey app… Blogs can be REALLY cheap, BUT you have to be careful because the business model of this industry is a bit weird.

Don’t worry though, I’ll explain a little bit about how it works so you don’t get taken advantage of if you decide you want to try it.

Basically here’s what the companies do to make money:

  1. They lure you in and say things like “start a FREE website with no coding experience blah blah blah” which is technically true.
  2. You start using their free website and realize it’s missing a few things that you need, at which point they magically have the solution for “only an extra $4 per month, billed yearly” AKA they get you to pay for a year of it up front so you’re locked in.
  3. Then you keep running into other problems that you NEED fixed so they keep repeating that process, slowly getting you to sign up for more and more products.
The whole thing is pretty nasty, to be honest. BUT … There’s some good news… and also more bad news. I’ll start with the bad news first.

The Bad News

The bad news is – Blogging isn’t easy, and it will take you a little bit of money to start off properly. Not hundreds of dollars or anything absurd, but to do it right, which is important, you pretty much NEED to buy two things; A domain name and web hosting. The only thing else you’ll want to pay for is POSSIBLY a Search Engine Optimization research tool, like SEMRush, and writers ( I use a service named buyselltext) I’ll explain what those are and why you need them in a second because there’s one more piece of bad news… The other bad news is that blogging and making money from apps like Zynn is actual work. Even my friends try to talk down to me because they think I don’t “work”, but they have NO idea. I work harder than any of them, guaranteed. While they are sitting there watching Netflix and smoking weed, I’m building websites and writing articles. But hey… they’ll understand when they’re my employees next year, and plus I like what I’m doing so it really doesn’t feel like work. It all sounds SO easy, and it kind of is… Really the hard part is just the beginning when you have zero idea what you’re doing… because you waste a ton of time trying a bunch of things that fail, BUT once you find a good product to promote… it’ll all start taking off. Just like it did with me when I started promoting the Zynn app.

The Good News

So despite a little bit of bad news, there’s actually some really good news.

The good news is – because these company’s have a sort of “death by a thousand cuts” business model, the services you actually need are pretty cheap.

Have you seen those posts in facebook groups that say something like “Would you invest $100 to make $5,000 a month”?

Well, there’s actually some truth to that, BUT most people in this industry are ALSO trying to tack on their own charges and fees to bleed your bank account dry.

Let’s use me as an example, because it would be way too convenient for me to just say “yea yea don’t trust those other guys, I wouldn’t do that to you”.

That’s BS, and everyone knows it, BUT at least I’ll tell you how I intend to make money off of you, that way you can decide if it’s actually worth your time/money.

So how do I make money off of you? There’s multiple ways, and to be successful at this, you NEED to understand how this works.

Here’s the different ways I benefit from you:

  • You visiting my site makes Google rank my site higher in searches, which brings more traffic.
  • When that pop-up comes up and asks for your E-mail, I collect it and can promote products through E-mail.

    I don’t really send out E-mail ads because I don’t like E-mail marketing, BUT I save the emails anyway, just in case. EVERYONE says you NEED to collect E-mail lists.
  • If I end up with enough traffic on this blog, an ad agency will pay me to put ads on my web pages/posts.

    Currently I don’t do this because I’d rather give my readers an ad-free user-experience than get paid an extra $50 a month. But eventually the extra income will be worth having a few ads.
  • If you decide to purchase Siteground web hosting, I will get a commission, assuming you use my affiliate link.
  • If you decide to purchase a SEMRush subscription, I’ll receive a commission as well.

So as you can see, even if you don’t buy anything or sign up for Zynn, I still got you here in the first place, so Google will rank me a little higher. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake, which is WHY I can just be honest with you and tell you how it all works.

There’s literally so many people on the internet that your competition isn’t going to put me out of business, so I can actually help you succeed too. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. The only part I don’t understand is why everyone seems to feel the need to rip each other off… There’s plenty to go around. There’s literally no need for any of that.

Domain Name And Web Hosting

Ok… so now that I’ve explained how I plan to make money off of you, I need to try to convince you to start your own website and to use Siteground as your web host.

Don’t even bother with site builders like Wix or Squarespace. You want to use and a web host, like Siteground.

Don’t believe me? Research it, I dare you.

The internet will pretty much unanimously agree with me.

The best part about it all, is that the products basically sell themselves.

Do I really NEED to convince you to start a website?

Honestly, if you need me to actually explain why it’s a good idea to learn how to make an income off of people coming to your website in 2020, then you probably won’t even cut it as an internet marketer.

What Is Web Hosting, And Why Do You Need It?

Web hosting simply means you have to rent space on a server to store your website files so people on the internet can access them, unless you have your own server, but you probably don’t.

A domain name is needed because you need a URL for your website, which is just the name of your website. Remember, they try to get you to pay small amounts for every single little thing.

This URL allows people to type in, for example, and they’ll end up at my website. I know it seems a little confusing at first, but it’s actually really simple.

Think of your website like it’s your house. The land it’s on would be your web hosting, and your address would be your domain name. Super simple.

So for about $90, you’ll have your own legitimate website and you can start promoting products in blog articles just like this one.

I had my website paying for itself within 2 months, and I started off knowing NOTHING about any of this stuff.

You’ll even have a few products to promote. You can promote Siteground, and SEMRush, just like I am!

What Is SEMRush?

I’m not going to get too crazy trying to promote SEMRush because honestly, you don’t NEED it. It’s pretty expensive at $100 month.

HOWEVER, if you have the money and want to take this REALLY seriously, you may want to consider getting a product like SEMRush to help out with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google uses a whole bunch of factors to decide which articles to place at the top of the search results, and SEO is how you make your posts “Rank” at the top.

Products like SEMRush help with the process of identifying keywords, competition research, identifying issues with your site, etc…

Honestly, I’m not a SEO expert, and making a post that does the SEO industry justice would be a massive undertaking, so if you feel like you need a tool to help with it, check out SEMRush and see if they can sell you on it.

Luckily, as I said earlier, these products pretty much sell themselves. All I really have to do as a blogger is explain things in a coherent way and get people to visit my site.

If you made it this far, then I probably did my job, and I promise that if I can make it work, you can too because I’m not anything special. I’m just a normal guy who was sick of working for someone else.

I appreciate all my readers, and I hope this article helps you understand a little more about this whole blogging thing. Have a wonderful day!

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