Best Apps To Make Money On Your Smart Phone

best money making phone apps

Everyone wants to make money online, and considering 96% of Americans own a mobile phone, why not make some money with yours?

I know what you’re thinking… “That sounds too good to be true!”

I thought the same thing, and admittedly it’s not the most glorious way to make money, but it DOES work, BUT it kind of depends on how you approach it…

Currently, it’s my full-time job to find ways for people to make money online and share them with people.

The best part about it is you can make more than I do off of these apps because I’m usually way too busy writing articles about random things to promote any of them on social media, so most of what I make from them is from a very little amount of actual effort.

The people who are spending the time in Facebook groups and Reddit communities are the ones making bank off of them, but oh well, I’m happy with what I get.

So let’s discuss the top 3 apps you should be using to make money with your phone, why you should use them, and how to make money with them.

Every one of these apps has been tested by me and multiple people in the Facebook groups I hang out in, as well as bloggers all over the world!

They work, but you need to keep in mind that sometimes it takes time for payments and rewards to get processed, and typically the apps that pay out real money have some kind of restrictions.

I didn’t include any investing apps, even though they are great for making money, because a lot of people already know about them, so I figured it would be a little pointless…

So here’s the top 3 apps I think you should consider playing around with if you need to earn a few extra bucks on your phone…

Swagbucks is a site/app that rewards people for doing surveys, shopping online, searching the internet, trying products and services, and referring new users to use the app.

You can also automatically find online coupons and bonus offers when you go to websites that are partnered with Swagbucks.

I’ve made about $65 from it so far, and have another $25 coming soon.

Doing surveys or searching the web won’t get you a lot of money but it’s nice getting a few cents randomly when I’m searching for things online.

Swagbucks includes a refer-a-friend program, which also allows people to earn a small percentage from the activity of the people their refer, yay for legal MLM companies,

The real appeal to Swagbucks is the deals you can get for trying different products. If you take the time to look through their deals periodically, you can find some pretty nice ones, for example they paid me $13.50 to try the Acorns investing app.

Inbox Dollars is another GPT site, similar to Swagbucks, and it has been around for years so it’s legitimate and actually pays out money to it’s users.

Are you going to get rich off of Inbox Dollars surveys? No you aren’t, BUT Inbox Dollars really tries to push the MLM side of things, which can be really nice IF you can manage to refer active users.

Inbox Dollars rewards you with 30% of the earnings from your referrals, so if you can recruit people who are active this can become a fairly reliable source of passive income.

Most people dislike MLMs, and for good reason …. they can be kind of disingenuous sometimes, but there ARE exceptions, which is why some MLMs are still legal.

Patreon isn’t exactly a “make money online” type of app, it’s really more of a crowdfunding platform than anything.

Basically how it works is – you convince people to support whatever project you’re doing and they become a Patron, which is pretty much just a sponsor without the legal title.

In all fairness, most people already know about platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter, or even non-crowdfunding apps that can make you money, like Youtube or Twitch, but I chose to list Patreon as #1 for a few key reasons:

Recurring monthly income

Subscription-based services are blowing up for a reason these days – because they make ridiculous amounts of money.

Just think about it for a minute…

If you were to sell me a t-shirt for $10 profit, you’d have to sell another person another t-shirt next month for that customer to create revenue for you to pay next month’s bills, right?

Well, what if your customers just paid you ever month instead?

If you get 1 customer each month, your income starts multiplying… and that’s how businesses like Netflix blew up and got so ridiculously huge over the past decade…

Anyone can do it

The coolest part about Patreon is you don’t have to actually sell anything, you can just get support for your cause, and go from there.

This makes it easy for anyone to join and get started trying to figure out how to get a bunch of patrons…

That makes business REALLY convenient, and having a loyal band of followers paying attention to what you’re doing always helps.

The Best Ways To Make Money Online With Phone Apps?

Most apps you download won’t really make you a bunch of money by themselves, so you’ll want to refer people.

I know you are thinking “B-B-But no-one will sign up and I’m not going to bother my friends.” and that’s ok. More money for me then.

The reality is: people DO sign up, and you don’t have to bother your friends at all.

There’s 4 decent ways that I know of to get your referral links out there, and 3 of them are super easy.

Facebook groups
Reddit Communities
A Youtube Channel
Starting A Website/Blog

Creating a successful blog takes a lot of work, but it’s really rewarding if you’re into that kind of thing.

I wrote an article about how I started this blog from nothing here.

As far as the other ways, don’t just spam the hell out of social media or you’ll get penalized, it works best to just make a post every once in a while and share it to a few groups and if you see anyone ask for ways to make money, post your referral link.

It’s a lot easier than you think so give it a try!

Thanks for reading, have a great day, I hope this helps you out!

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  1. Hey Jerry! My name is Gianni. I just came across your article on UBI, while I was on Reddit and I was impressed. It sounds like a really good plan and something I’d like to be a part of to help out while also helping myself out of my current situation. Reading your About Me page, I saw that we have some things in common. I’ve been working on a project that I’d like to discuss with you if you have time. Is there a way for us to communicate one-on-one via, email, Zoom, FaceTime or something? You’ve inspired me to take action so I’ll plug in my email address below.
    I’m exited to watch your plan come together and create a major change! Hope to hear from you soon.

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