Mindset Training 101: Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

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Thinking like an employee and thinking like an entrepreneur are two completely different things.

Most people assume that business is just a matter of “getting lucky”, or having some life changing epiphany, but that simply isn’t true.

It’s a long process, and it’s very frustrating, so a particular mindset is needed to make it through the harsh reality of being an entrepreneur.

The good news is, it’s all pretty simple, and anyone can do it.

Yes… ANYONE. I know that sounds… like BS… but it’s true. I’m not anything special, and if I can figure it out, so can you.

This lesson will begin to teach you how by explaining a few key concepts that you’re going to have to get extremely familiar with.

This lesson will cover:

Let’s get right into it.

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When you experience something, you have to analyze it, which causes emotions, which leads you to make a decision about what to do next, which leads to you performing an action, which causes a result.

Then the process repeats…

Your mind heavily affects every single one of those stages, even before you begin to take an action.

This might not be very apparent at first, but the more you think about it, the more you’ll realize how big of an impact that can make over time.

If every action you do has been sabotaged by you analyzing incorrectly, having a bunch of emotions that cause you to make bad decisions… how can you expect to succeed?

Frankly, you can’t. 

And that’s why most people don’t.

Working on your mindset can feel really… impossible, in a way, since you can’t see it or touch it, but it’s there affecting you.

Additionally, when people think about “mindset changing their life”… it sounds like some T.V. preacher is trying to scam you… It just doesn’t sound real or practical because it’s not a physical thing you’re dealing with.

It’s much easier to just say “I won’t be able to make it, life is too hard because *insert random excuse here*”, but that kind of thinking is just going to get you right back to where you are now.

Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, for some people. Maybe you like being where you’re at and don’t want to improve at all, and that’s totally fine, but you probably wouldn’t be here reading this if that were the case…

This quick ~14 minute video explains why your mindset is so important a bit better than I can:

How To Think Differently Than Other People

A majority of people think fairly similarly, and they end up getting similar results in life.

Sure some of them get slightly better jobs than others, and some of them figure out a few more tricks that help them feel “better” than other people, but they all think the same way.

“I need money, so I’m going to go work hard until I retire and hopefully end up with a house and a family.”

When a problem comes up that gets in the way of that goal, they find something to blame, OR if they’re lucky, when they achieve that goal, they attribute it to their intelligence and work ethic.

There’s nothing wrong with that, I mean… pretty much everyone you have ever met, or will ever meet, thinks that way, and it works to some degree.

To really become successful though, you’ll need to change the approach. As soon as possible.

“But… can’t I just do it better than everyone else?”

Yes and no… If you do things better than other people, you’ll get better results, but your results will still be similar.

To get drastically better results you NEED to do things differently.


We’ve all heard this before from someone, but HOW do you start thinking differently than everyone else?

Here are some ways:

Let go of your pride and focus on learning as much as possible

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”
Albert Einstein

Most people feel a sense of pride because of all of their skills and knowledge they’ve passively gained in life.

Honestly, pride just feels great…

The problem is, it can severely hold you back by making you forget that in order to improve, you need to keep learning.

After a while, learning requires some serious effort, and most people just want to get to the destination and relax.

There is no final destination with learning.

As soon as you stop learning, you become stuck where you’re at. 

Focus On Finding Ways To Do Things, Rather Than Excuses Why You "Can't"

Once you start fixing your mindset, you’ll start noticing people doing this constantly.

For example, when I tell my friends “You should think about investing in the stock market.”, their answer is reliably “But I’ll probably lose money, so I’m not interested.”

When I say “Okay, have you thought about starting your own business then? It’s not really much harder than what you already do, and you’d make more money.” They say “But I don’t know how so I can’t do it.”

Then they proceed to project their insecurities on me when I talk about MY plans. “But you’ll lose money in the stock market because you don’t work on Wall Street and the news said the market might collapse…”

Then why is my portfolio up 38% this year? If you’re not familiar with the stock market, 10% is the benchmark that professionals try to beat. I’m CRUSHING it, all because I make plans and NOT excuses.

Honestly, it’s that simple.

Does that mean everything I do is perfect and every plan is successful? No…

A few investments I made were terrible, so I learned from it and moved on. Then I made better ones and I learned from those.

This ISN’T just an investing thing, I’m just using that as a real world example, that actually happened in my life.


I hate typing in all caps, but that sentence is one of the most important sentences you could ever read.

We are all prone to convincing ourselves not to do thing, so we can stay safe, but it’s NOT the way to go.

This short video from Jordan Peterson explains it perfectly…

Just the simple act of finding ways to do things instead of making excuses will get your brain thinking differently than the people around you, which will ultimately get you on the path to success.

That’s it for this lesson, so stay tuned for more Mindset Training lessons, OR if you think you understand what it takes mentally to become successful, feel free to move directly to our Content Marketing 101 lessons.