Rakuten Review: Cashback And Affiliate Marketing

rakuten review
If you like to shop, and want to get some cash back for your purchases, then this Rakuten app review will help you turn your shopping trips into a rewarding experience by sending you a little bit of that spending money right back to you. Even if you aren’t shopping all the time you can still earn a fairly decent amount of money with the Rakuten app, so listen up!
rakuten app

If you’ve ever heard of Ebates before, Rakuten is the same company, they just re-branded a while ago.

Rakuten is simply a cashback app that makes money by encouraging people to spend at specific stores and they get paid by those stores.

There are plenty of cashback apps out there, like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars, but Rakuten is focused more on the cashback aspect than making you do surveys like the other apps.

The Rakuten app has cashback deals from all kinds of different stores and brands, like Oakley, Lenovo, Coach, AT&T (they have a $150 cashback offer currently… wow), Visible (AMAZING phone service that uses the Verizon network and is CHEAP), Alibaba, Aliexpress(good for dropshippers), and many more.

How To Earn Money With Rakuten

Since I’m sure you know what a cashback app is, I should probably talk about the important stuff… like making money, right? Rakuten is one of the more generous cashback rewards companies out there, mostly because of how huge they are, so there are multiple ways to earn money with their app.

$10 sign-up bonus

The first way you can earn money with Rakuten is by signing up as a new user and shopping from one of their partnered stores, either online or in the actual store.

When you make your first $25 purchase at one of these stores, Rakuten will reward you with $10 cash AND whatever cashback deal that particular store has at the time. You have to do this within 90 days of signing up, which kind of sucks, but hey… they’re essentially paying you to try their service, so it’s pretty fair.

To get credited for the purchase, you have to either link a credit or debit card to your Rakuten account, OR you can install a browser extension that will give you a popup in your internet browser everytime you go to a website that’s partnered with Rakuten.

Don’t worry though, Rakuten is a legitimate company and the whole process is quick and easy, you’ll be able to figure it out no problem.

Shopping online or in stores

After you get your sign-up bonus, you just have to go about life like normal and shop wherever you usually shop. Rakuten is partnered with TONS of big names so you’ll start racking up cashback rewards and Rakuten can even find you coupons to help save you even more money.

So you get an idea about how huge they are, here’s a list of Rakuten’s partners.

It’s only a matter of time before you shop at one of those stores and rack up some money in your Rakuten wallet.

Referring New Users For Commissions

rakuten referrals

Companies that have a lot of money to throw around, like Rakuten does, are usually more than happy to pay people to convince new users to use their service, and I must admit, Rakuten has a pretty solid referral marketing program.

When you refer someone to Rakuten, you’ll earn $25 when they sign up and spend their first $25, which is a pretty hefty referral bonus, so make sure you send your friends your referral link, or even create a website to start promoting it if you’re looking for a side hustle.

$25 for each person can really add up fast if you know what you’re doing.

How To Withdraw Your Rakuten Earnings

The one REALLY annoying thing about Rakuten is they only send money out to users once every couple months.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but one you’re signed up for it you’ll pretty much forget it exists, except for an occasional popup you’ll see in your browser when shopping online. BUT your cashback rewards will be piling up and before you know it you’ll receive a decent chunk of cash.

When it’s time for you to get paid, Rakuten will send you what they call a “Big Fat Check”, which is just a fancy way of saying they’ll either deposit your cashback rewards directly into your Paypal account, or they’ll mail you an actual check.

Rakuten Advertising: Affiliate Marketers

Rakuten’s affiliate program is a pretty big deal and they give affiliates access to some big brands, but each brand has it’s own set of requirements.

They even work with advertising agencies and try to connect them with publishers and companies to make sure everyone get’s their share of the profits.

Overall, Rakuten is a pretty impressive company and you’re missing out if you aren’t using their service, even if you’re just a regular consumer.

I’ve built up over $60 in rewards and I barely every buy stuff, they just keep putting money in my Rakuten wallet, so make sure you go try Rakuten out and see if you like it.

Well that’s it for this Rakuten app review, I hope you enjoyed it and like their service. Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

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