Tiny Home RV Remodel Project 2020: The Beginning

rv remodel

If you don’t want to read all of this, I have also started a Youtube channel (I still suck at making videos, sorry) so you can watch a video that explains what I’m trying to accomplish with this project.

If you’d prefer to read about it, then enjoy the rest of this article!

My girlfriend and I are expecting a child in about 8 months, and we are both living with our parents, so we decided we need to make something happen within the next 6 months so we will be able to take care of the baby.

She already has a 7-year-old boy with ADHD, and a few other issues, but we are working through all of that and trying to work together to build something better.

Our families have been helping us as much as they can up until this point, but there’s only so much they can do, and we don’t want to be a huge burden on them, so we turned to the internet for help.

Apparently, there’s a LOT of people who are struggling and have to find creative ways to get by, and they are all over the internet.

So I wanted to get a project going to prove that it can be done by anyone, without completely breaking the bank.


What we are starting with

rv project getting towed

We had been scouring all the popular websites for a month looking for RVs, boats, trailers, land, anything we could possibly buy for a low price that we could turn into a living space for us.

Previously, we had been trying to rent an apartment, but no place would accept us because we don’t meet the minimum income requirements.

She works part time at the grocery store, and I’m a blogger, and we had some money saved, but the apartment managers just didn’t like how unstable my income is, and how low hers is.

I was hoping to get a loan for a usable RV, since you can actually buy them for a really reasonable price ($6,000-$10,000 will get you an amazing used RV), but that wasn’t going to happen, so we had to make a tough decision.

We had $2,500 cash, and figured we would try to get something very very cheap and put the rest of our money into it and try to get creative.

It’s not that we WANTED to do that, but all of the cheap RVs that were decent were getting snatched up immediately.

We had 2 people in one day agree to have us come look at their RV, then sell it to someone else immediately.

It’s a very competitive world out there, but luckily I looked on craigslist and found someone who was trying to get an old 5th wheel off of their property.

They were giving it away for free, but I was going to have to move it, and I don’t have a truck!

So we paid $1,100 to get it towed on a flat bed to my parents house where we can fix it, I gave the tow truck driver a $100 tip, and I gave the lady who gave us the 5th wheel $100 for her time.

So we ended up having $1200 cash left over.

Some basic cleaning supplies, like bags, simple green, gloves, etc… quickly racked up a bill of $107, but the inside of the 5th wheel was REALLY gross, so it was worth every penny.

What's the plan?

The overall gameplan is to rip out pretty much everything except the ceiling, walls, and floor, then clean it all and build what we want.

The appliances are too old and dirty for me to really think they are worth reusing, and after thinking about our floorplan a little bit, it seems like all of our major plumbing and electrical will only need to be in 1 spot of the RV in a big clump basically.

This means I won’t have to worry about running long stretches of piping or ventilation.

And since it’s in one small area, we will easily be able to afford to custom build all of that brand new instead of trying to salvage the old stuff.

This will make the project safer and easier, and it will still be affordable because of how small the space is.

As I started ripping out most of the old appliances and cabinets, I realized I’m basically going to be left with a huge rectangle to work with, and there’s actually more space than I thought.

Old rv stove

We don’t really care if what we make lasts a lifetime because we are just using this as temporary housing, but it shouldn’t cost too much to get some decent appliances and put up some clean walls and make it look pretty.

It’s mostly time and effort that’s required, but we are having fun, so stay tuned for updates as we make progress on this custom 5th wheel build.

If you'd like to help...

We don’t really NEED any help, but financially speaking… we could use it. If you;d like to contribute, here’s a link to our patreon page. Any help is appreciated, but if you can’t help or don’t want to, that’s okay too. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our journey so far! Have a great day.

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